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Tips before you embark on your healthy cleansing journey.

All the juices are burst with nutrients and in order to get the most of them, your diet and lifestyle has to support their goodies! It is important to cut down on the foods and drinks that can adversely affect your body's ability to fully take in nutrients and to detoxify. You can also increase the weight-loss efficiency of the juices by taking gentle exercises. Do also note that the Juices have a shelve life of 4 days from its delivery date, so it is advisable to finish all the juices on time.


Foods to avoid

To help avoid any withdrawal symptoms or side effects, begin cutting down on or removing these food from your diet 2-3 days before you start you juice programme.


  • Gluten foods, such as wheat, barley, rye and spelt

  • Dairy foods, except for whey and low fat yogurt, which are high in protein and low in lactose

  • Caffeine, includes tea, coffee, chocolate, energy and sports drinks

  • Fizzy soft drinks

  • Alcohol

  • Refined carbohydrates

  • Sugary food, pastries, white bread, pasta and rice

  • Processed foods

  • Trans and hydrogenated fats

  • Red meat and processed meat products

  • Salt


Engage in activites

To maximize your cleansing journey, don't feel lazy to move your body a little!

You can try by starting brisk walking, cycling or a short run. However, during the cleanse, you might feel weak, so we recommend two daily walks of 15 minutes is enough.

If you are going for a combination of solid food with the juices, a 30 minutes session of cardiovascular exercise twice every week is recommended.


For the lazy ones, we have suggestions for you as well!

Sauna or steam bath encourages your body to sweat out impurities. Aim to sweat for 10 to 15 minutes, then have a cold shower, then return to the sauna or steam bath for another 15 minutes, then shower again. Most importantly, drink plenty of water!


Side Effects

After only a short time following your juicing regime you are bound to feel great! Slimmer and wih bags more energy. However, you may feel a few side effects during the first day or two. Often, side effects occur when toxins that have been stored in your body are released into your body are released into your blookd stream to be processed by your liver. Generally, the following side effects are nothing to worry about!


Possible side effects are:

  • Withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches and cravings, as a result of cutting out certain foods and drinks

  • Noticeable bad breath

  •  Changes in bowel movements, diarrhoea in particular

  • Skin problems, pimples or dry skin

  • Fatigue or light-headednes


To minimize these side effects, drink lots of water throughout each day. Aim for the minimum of 8 glasses! In addition, you can include raw-food snacks and some protein snacks, such as nuts or seeds too.

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